iPad ammo is jammed full with 500 royalty free design elements that are crafted specifically for the iPad screen. Everything comes as fully layered Photoshop PSD's in both standard and retina resolution sizes giving you a grand total of 1000 elements!

100 Tab bar glyphs

Kick some ass with this set of pin sharp vector tab bar glyphs. You'll get two PSD sets of these bad boys, one set crafted at 30x30px and the other 60x60px so you'll be ready for combat with both standard and retina screen resolutions.

20 Capture bars

You wouldn't be prepared for app development if you didn't have a few capture bars in your artillery. We've kitted you out with 20 stunning designs that come with all necessary ui capture / record buttons. All elements are organised, fully layered PSD's and come in both standard and retina resolution sizes giving you a total of 40 capture bars.

50 Backgrounds and panels

These handy backgrounds and content panels are the perfect choice for building up the layers of your application. All 50 elements come as fully layered PSD's and are designed to sit neatly on the screen of the ipad in both standard and retina resolutions. Designs come in 3 styles, square edge backgrounds, full screen round edge panels and medium round edge panels. All 50 elements also come in both standard and retina resolution sizes giving you a total of 100 design elements.

20 Coach Marks

Once your app is complete it's important you inform civilians how to use it. One of the best ways to do this is using coach marks on your intro screen, that's why we've jammed 20 hand drawn coach mark vector arrows into the crate for you. All arrows come as Photoshop vector shapes meaning you can resize and re-colour them to suite your mission brief.

30 Mini nav bar glyphs

As well as the tab bar glyphs we've also packed you 30 mini nav bar glyphs. These tiny little suckers can really make a world of difference when you need a glyph that fits neatly into nav bar menu buttons. Crafted to be legible at 20x20px these are just ready to lock and load. Like everything else in the crate you'll get 2 sets for both standard and retina screen sizes giving you a total of 60 mini glyphs.

80 Nav bars

You can never have enough nav bars when it comes to app design, that's why we've jammed 80 into the bundle for you. From leather to wood and colorful to classic you will be ready for action with this awesome set of fully layered PSD's and remember the nav bars come crafted for both standard and retina resolutions so you'll actually get a total of 160 nav bars.

200 Ui elements

This set of user interface elements should help you finish that app off in no time. Crafted to look perfect on the screen of an iPhone this fully layered PSD containing a massive 200 ui elements will give you all you need to fill in the blanks. Everything comes in both standard and retina resolution sizes giving you the huge total of 400 ui elements.